10 years later, cult classic Persona-like JRPG Tokyo Xanadu is getting a sequel with a completely new setting

 Tokyo Xanadu New Project.
Tokyo Xanadu New Project.

Tokyo Xanadu New Project is the working title for a newly announced sequel to the 2015 cult classic Persona-like JRPG Tokyo Xanadu.

Beloved JRPG developer Nihon Falcom, best known for the Ys, The Legend of Heroes, and Trails series, announced Tokyo Xanadu New Project in a press release. There's also a cryptic reveal teaser with some flashing, interchanging numbers and the tagline: "You remember what REM said, don't you?" This is in reference to a pivotal character from the first game who, at the end, teases the would-be sequel as well as her involvement.

In the press release, Falcom says the story is set in Kyoto, Japan's capital, and a "completely new" setting for the series. It centers around a group of young people who "travel to the otherworldly realm" depicts the story of young people who travel to the otherworldly realm, presumably the Eclipse from the first game. It also sounds like it'll feature some new systems built from scratch for the sequel but will otherwise follow a similar template to the first game.

Otherwise, we don't know squat about Tokyo Xanadu New Project. Falcom has yet to reveal a release date, platforms, or in-depth story information. Based on the teaser, it definitely sounds like it'll follow the plot from the first game and hopefully reveal more about the central mystery that was left unanswered, but nothing's been explicitly confirmed.

The original Xanadu, released in 1985, is a sequel to the Dragon Slayer series that laid the foundation for the action-RPG genre. It spawned several expansions and re-releases, not to mention the 2005 spin-off Xanadu Next, which released worldwide in English in 2016 from Xseed Games. Tokyo Xanadu is yet another spinoff and Falcom's attempt to make a game with its own unique, Persona-style setting distinct from the more fantasy-oriented Ys and Legend of Heroes series.

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