10 Things You Didn't Know About Elizabeth Berkley Lauren—By Elizabeth Berkley Lauren

Our favorite celebrities may be open books, living their lives for all the world to see, but even they like to keep a few secrets. Until now. Welcome to E! News' 10 Things, where the stars themselves spill the goods just for you.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren is aware of the role she and her OG Saved by the Bell co-stars have played in the lives of an entire generation.

"It is a gift that is not lost on me. There has never been a moment that people stopped watching the original show. So through the years, it's multi-generational. People have come up to me also that are extremely emotional about the show and what it has meant for them in their childhood," she told E! News before the beloved teen sitcom returned with a reimagined satire on Peacock in late November. "Our childhood is sacred and for a lot of people it holds something really innocent and reconnects them to the joy in their life and that's what I think right now is so great about this moment."

All the Information on the New Saved By the Bell

While she's remained a fixture in fans' lives since first hitting the halls of Bayside High over 30 years ago, you'll soon find out that there's still so much to learn about the erstwhile Jessie Spano.

Get to know Elizabeth a little bit better, in her own words, as she takes part in E! News' 10 Things!

10 Things, Elizabeth Berkley

1. The first thing I do when I walk into the house 2020 edition: wash hands, remove mask, take off bra. In that order.

2. My absolute favorite food is Lebanese, specifically hummus and tabouli. Anita's Kitchen in Michigan, right by my old dance studio, kept me nourished in between classes.

3. The last book I read with my 8-year-old son Sky was the beautiful What Do You Do With a Chance? by Kobi Yamada.

4. Tap dancing is my "hidden talent." I've been tapping since I was four.

5. The last thing I watched on YouTube was Vogue's "73 Questions" with Dan Levy. I love Schitt's Creek. I just finished the series, am heartbroken it's over and needed a dose!

6. One beauty product that I use daily is Senna Cosmetics Koi Blush.

7. One of the oldest items still in my wardrobe is a pair of thigh-high, black Versace boots that I bought for myself to wear to the Emmys. Then they ended up being a costume piece in Showgirls too.

8. But my favorite thing I've ever worn is my wedding dress. It was designed by my husband Greg's uncle, Ralph Lauren, and I wore it on one of the best days of my life.

9. If Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" is playing, I have to dance.

10. I wrote most of my book, Ask Elizabeth, at Le Pain Quotidien's old Melrose Ave. location. It's my go-to chain for healthy, organic food and it's full of special memories of family brunches. (Pre-COVID, of course!)

Saved By the Bell is available to stream on Peacock.

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