10 Must-Read Media and Entertainment Newsletters

J. Clara Chan
·1 min read

Haven’t you heard? Newsletters are the internet’s hottest trend, and everyone is either reading or writing one themselves. When it comes to the media industry, most major media outlets have their own industry-focused newsletters, including CNN’s Reliable Sources from Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy, Axios’ Media Trends from Sara Fischer, the Columbia Journalism Review’s daily and weekly newsletters and Nieman Lab’s Daily Digest, to name just a few, that highlight the day’s important media stories. For coverage of Hollywood, the major trade publications also have their own newsletters featuring their best coverage. (Hint, hint: Subscribe to TheWrap’s newsletters here.) But the recent rise in popularity of Substack, a platform that allows writers to create free or paid newsletters, has helped create a booming — and increasingly crowded — newsletter industry. So where does one even begin? There are the popular writers and journalists who have left their staff jobs to launch their own paid newsletters. And then there are the numerous free newsletters available on Substack to peruse through. Also Read: Understanding the Substack Boom and What It Means for Media All this is to say there are endless options, both on and off the Substack platform, and it can...

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