10 heavy metal bands who need to reunite in 2024

 Photos of Black Sabbath, Rage Against The Machine, Slayer and Marty Friedman performing live.
Photos of Black Sabbath, Rage Against The Machine, Slayer and Marty Friedman performing live.
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Happy New Year! It’s become a Metal Hammer tradition to, with every changing of the calendar, list the inactive bands we need to see reunite over the next 12 months. In 2024, with the implosion of such megastars as Rage Against The Machine and Sepultura either recent or looming, the task feels especially essential. So, from Black Sabbath to Slayer, these are the defunct legends that we’d pay top dollar to see come back for one last stand.

Metal Hammer line break
Metal Hammer line break

Rage Against The Machine

2024 started with a kick to the balls. On January 3, Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk announced that rap metal’s loudest iconoclasts had split for the third time, following years of cancelled tours and Zack De La Rocha tearing his achilles. This means the band’s long-awaited “comeback” consisted of merely 19 shows across two countries – and, frankly, that’s not enough.


Yes, ex-Slayer guitarist Kerry King is readying a new solo band to debut in 2024. Yes, singer/bassist Tom Araya has repeatedly spoken about how much he hates touring and is probably enjoying a lovely retirement. And yes, Dave Lombardo has his hands full with countless projects, while Gary Holt’s committed to Exodus. On the other hand though, fuckin’ SLAAAAYYYYYEEERRRRR!

Megadeth (with Marty Friedman)

Megadeth’s beloved ’90s guitarist has been teasing fans with the notion of a return for years now. He was rumoured to be rejoining after Chris Broderick left in 2014 (but didn’t), then he played alongside Dave Mustaine et al during their 2023 tour. Now, Kiko Loureiro’s shed rank and apparently even nominated Marty by name to replace him. Just do it already!

Black Sabbath

Last year, Ozzy Osbourne stated he had one more album and tour in him before he hung up his circular sunglasses for good. No victory lap for the Prince Of Darkness would be complete without one last Black Sabbath sprint. Considering that Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward all continue to play, metal’s godfathers could still bring much miserable majesty.

Sepultura (with Max and Iggor Cavalera)

Sepultura are commemorating 40 years of peerless extremity with one last tour through 2024 and ’25. Giving all due respect to Derrick Green and his contributions to the band, we need a true, all-considering showcase to end these legends’ era. Playing at least a few songs with the Cavaleras per night should send everyone home happy, despite the heart-rending breakup to come.


Ville Valo’s ruled out a Him reunion for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! Finland’s dark romantics launched a new generation of goths with 2003’s Love Metal, and Ville returning to the limelight with his VV project has only reinvigorated everybody’s nostalgia. Apparently all the former Him members still get along as well, so what’s stopping you, lads?

Every Time I Die

By their 2022 split, Every Time I Die were swimming in an ocean of goodwill big enough to drown Godzilla. Masterpieces like Low Teens had made the Buffalo firebrands arguably the most venerated name in hardcore… then they disbanded in a tragically public punch-up between the instrumentalists and singer Keith Buckley. Such celebrated stars deserve a more dignified conclusion.


You can’t oversell how fucking good Letlive were. All of the post-hardcore mavens’ 2010s releases – Fake History, The Blackest Beautiful and If I’m The Devil… – were strong album-of-the-decade contenders, raging with consciousness and prowess. Although main man Jason Aalon Butler has since moved on with Fever 333, the trio’s recent lineup shift seems to have scuppered their momentum. Now’s the time.


Not wanting their horse to die, let alone flog it, Isis disbanded in 2010, believing they’d said everything they needed to. The Bostonians’ five albums solidified post-metal conventions then pushed against them… except we’ve now reached the point where a whole new generation of fans never got to experience that excellence live. Come on, guys: get back together for the kids!

Acid Bath

We know: the surviving members of Acid Bath have said they’ll never make music together again following the death of bassist Audie Pitre. However, the sludge metal brutes have also claimed they’re open to one last tour in celebration of their fallen bandmate. 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of the classic When The Kite String Pops album, so if not now then when?