10 Best-Selling Items on Amazon That Will (Finally) Help You Sleep Better, According to Shoppers

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In case you didn't know, it's Sleep Awareness Week. The annual event was created by the National Sleep Foundation and purposely coincides with Daylight Saving Time, and it promotes better sleep quality. If you haven't been getting the best shuteye lately (or even for a while now), there are tons of products on Amazon that shoppers swear have changed the way they sleep. Whether it's a white noise machine, blackout curtains, or even an air purifier, hundreds of thousands of people have done the research for you and discovered the absolute best options that are "worth every penny."

From a "game changing" memory foam sleep mask to pillows that feel like you're "sleeping in a fancy hotel," here are 10 best-selling products that customers claim will actually help you sleep better:

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillows

You’ve most likely come across the Beckham Hotel pillows while browsing Amazon. Backed by over 64,400 shoppers who have left them a five-star rating, the pillows are not only the best-selling pillows on the site, but also a top three best-selling home item in general. The cooling pillows are filled with a down alternative gel fiber and are meant to be used by all types of sleepers, whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side, or stomach.

Shoppers often say the Beckham Hotel pillows are like “sleeping on a cloud” and remind them of the pillows used at “luxurious” resorts.

“I am usually up by 8:30 on the weekends but the first night I slept with this, I was dead to the world until 10,” one customer wrote. “I thought the clock was wrong for sure, but no, just a damn good pillow.”

Buy It! Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Bed Pillow, Set of 2, $39.99 (orig. $44.99); amazon.com

Mellanni Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets

When it comes to the best sheets on Amazon, this microfiber set from Mellanni is the one that over 152,000 shoppers agree you need to have. Made out of brushed microfiber, the sheets are lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, and they come in 36 colors and 11 different sizes, including deep-pocket options. Shoppers rave that the sheets are the most comfortable ones they’ve ever owned because they’re so soft and cooling; one customer even said it feels like they “give you a hug” through the night.

“I have slept so much better since buying these, so they might have magical properties as well,” one reviewer wrote. “So yeah, for $30, just buy these wonderful cloud flaps.”

Buy It! Mellanni Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheet Set, 4 Piece, $32.97; amazon.com

Ekouaer Satin Pajama Set

Sometimes, all it takes to get better sleep is to change what you’re wearing to bed. The Ekouaer Satin Pajamas have been crowned the best sleepwear on Amazon by over 11,000 people. Made out of “silky soft” fabric, the set includes a camisole tank top and a pair of shorts, is available in 34 colors, and comes in sizes XS to XXL. Customers say the Ekouaer pajamas are super comfortable, breathable, and flattering, plus that they’re especially great for hot sleepers. One shopper said “it keeps cool on the skin” and won’t “stick” to you, either.

Buy It! Ekouaer Satin Cami and Shorts Pajama Set, $14.99–$24.99; amazon.com

Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

If you need total darkness when you sleep, these blackout curtains from Nicetown are a must-have. The curtains can block up to 90 percent of UV rays from coming into your room, and they’re even noise-reducing thanks to the triple-weaved fabric design. The curtains come in various sizes and 24 colors to match any kind of room decor. They have 48,000 five-star ratings from shoppers who say they’ve “saved their sanity” and “work wonders for sleep.”

One shopper noted that “not many things are life changing, but these truly are, as I finally can sleep like I should.”

Buy It! Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains, $19.89; amazon.com

GermGuardian Air Purifier

Whether you suffer from allergies or live in an area with air pollution, an air purifier can lead to a better night’s sleep by keeping your indoor air clean and odorless. GermGuardian’s HEPA filter air purifier is the highest-rated air purifier on Amazon with over 25,000 five-star reviews. In addition to removing up to 99.97 percent of dust, mold, pollen, and other allergens from a 150-square-foot room, the air purifier can also “kill airborne viruses” like “influenza, staph, [and] rhinovirus,” according to the brand, thanks to its UV-C light feature.

“My sleep quality completely changed within a week,” one shopper raved. “I used to hit snooze until the last second and get out of bed 10 minutes before I had to leave, but I've been getting up over an hour earlier the past four days and feel so much more rested.”

Buy It! GermGuardian HEPA Filter Air Purifier with UV Light, $76.49 with coupon (orig. $84.99); amazon.com

Utopia Bedding Quilted Comforter

Over 45,000 Amazon shoppers are obsessed with this cozy comforter from Utopia Bedding. Made out of 100 percent microfiber, the down alternative comforter comes in seven colors and six sizes. It has a quilted design that helps keep the filling evenly distributed, so you never have to worry about clumping or shifting. The (almost) best part, other than its “cloudlike” feel, is its affordable price, which starts at just $25 for a twin size and only goes up to $43 for a California king.

One shopper said the Utopia comforter is“ honestly the best thing to sleep with. So easy to cuddle, so easy to wrap around me, and it’s not TOO hot.”

Buy It! Utopia Bedding Quilted Comforter, Queen, $26.99 (orig. $34.99); amazon.com

Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Uncomfortable mattresses often lead to poor sleep, so Amazon customers are upgrading their beds with Linenspa’s best-selling memory foam mattress topper. The plush topper is made with “temperature regulating gel beads” that provide a cooling effect and memory foam that helps alleviate back and neck pain. It comes in eight sizes, and you can choose between a 2- or 3-inch height. Customers say ever since they’ve gotten the Linenspa mattress topper, they’re “actually resting.”

“Simply put, I’m now sleeping through the night better and waking up feeling better, so I’d say this is definitely worth looking at if you’re having back issues with your mattress,” one shopper wrote.

Buy It! Linenspa 2-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, $39.99; amazon.com

Mzoo 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask

The Mzoo Contoured Eye Mask is an easy fix if you’re having trouble sleeping because of light coming from your windows — or even ambient lighting from digital clocks. The memory foam sleep mask has an adjustable head strap and a contoured design that surrounds your eyes to effectively block out light. It has over 30,000 five-star ratings from shoppers who say you “can’t go wrong” with it.

“This mask has made getting a good night’s sleep SO much easier,” one customer raved. “For months I was having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up way before my alarm. Since using this for the past three weeks I have gotten at least eight hours per night.”

Buy It! Mzoo 3D Contoured Sleep Eye Mask, $16.99; amazon.com

Pure Enrichment Cool Mist Humidifier

If your sleep tends to get interrupted due to dry or cold air, Pure Enrichment’s Cool Mist Humidifier may be what you’re looking for. The humidifier has over 37,000 five-star ratings and 15,500 positive written reviews. The humidifier, which can run for up to 16 hours, has high and low speed settings and an adjustable nozzle. A majority of customers say it has greatly helped their sleep issues, “even if you don't suffer from sinus problems.” A shopper even said it’s one of the “most important and life changing purchases I've made in my life that has taken my quality of life from abysmal to stellar.”

Buy It! Pure Enrichment Cool Mist Humidifier, $39.99; amazon.com

Homedics White Noise Sound Machine

While some people need total silence when they sleep, others sleep better with white noise, whether it’s the whir of a fan, the sound of busy traffic, or even the pitter-patter of rainfall. Amazon customers think the Homedics White Noise Sound Machine will make an “incredible difference” in the time it takes you to fall asleep. The portable sound machine has six sounds — white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and brook — and can be set on a timer or be played all night.

Shoppers go as far as saying that the machine has changed their life. They also mention it’s a great tool to help get babies and toddlers to sleep.

Buy It! Homedics White Noise Sound Machine, $21.99 (orig. $24.99); amazon.com

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