The 10 Best Men’s Rain Jackets of 2024, According to Our Testers and Research

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Stay dry with one of our top picks

<p>People / Jhett Thompson</p>

People / Jhett Thompson

A rain jacket is an essential piece for people who spend lots of time on hiking trails or outside in general, and are also a great swap for those of us who don’t want to lug around an umbrella when we’re out and about. But there are lots of options on the market, and rain jackets tend to get a bad rep for being unbreathable and bulky. However, we’ve scouted the web for the best rain jackets out there, and put each of them to the test, evaluating them for their design, comfort, breathability, water resistance, and value.

We also consulted Charlie Berg, Product Manager at Outdoor Research, who shared his expertise on key things you should keep in mind when shopping for men’s rain jackets (versus women’s rain jackets) so you can purchase wisely. Keep reading to find your next rain jacket, so that you never get caught in a storm again!

Best Overall: Vuori Men's Palisades Rain Jacket

$114 at

See at


  • The stitching is reinforced on the inside for extra water protection.

  • The material feels substantial and well made yet lightweight, which makes it great for wearing everyday out and about.

  • It’s equipped with subtle but spacious pockets and silver buttons; this jacket has a classy and professional look that you can wear to work or more formal events on rainy days.


  • This jacket is hard to move around in while doing physical activity, so it's not ideal for hikes or outdoor adventures.

From the minute we picked this jacket up, we could tell it was high quality. It’s sturdy yet lightweight and almost feels like a ski jacket shell if it was built for rain. It’s also definitely water proof — during spray tests no water got through the jacket, and the hood features pull strings and clasps that will keep your face from getting wet as well.

The high performance water-proofing is largely attributed to small details like the reinforced stitching on the inside that keeps water from getting in. On a more superficial level, this jacket doesn’t look bulky or obnoxious like many rain jackets do — from the spacious yet subtle pockets to the silver detailed buttons, it looks like something you could easily wear to work or to a more formal event that happens to be on a rainy day.

During physical activity tests, we noticed that the jacket shifted and bunched up over the waist and towards our shoulders. This one isn’t built for wearing on hiking trails or camping trips; you won’t want to have to constantly adjust it when you’re on the move. It’s better suited for everyday use, which is why it won our vote for best overall — whether you’re headed to work or spending a day running errands, you’ll appreciate this one for its luxurious feel and strong water-proofing.

Material: 100% recycled polyamide | Sizes: S-XXL |  Colors: 1

Best Budget: Giisam Men's Windproof Waterproof Jacket

$36 at


  • It’s lightweight enough to allow full range of motion, but has enough weight that the fabric feels good quality.

  • The layer of mesh on the inside helps with retaining body heat in colder temperatures.

  • The drawstrings on either side of the hood allow you to get a customized fit that will keep your head and face dry.


  • The lack of ventilation could lead to overheating in hotter, humid rains.

We were shocked at the $50 price point when we took this jacket by Giisam out of the package and held it in our hands. It’s an absolute steal for the quality! There’s a level of weight to it that you can feel when you put it in, signaling that they definitely didn’t skimp on materials or quality. Even with this density, it’s still lightweight enough to grant you full range of motion and to stuff into a suitcase or bag.

We also really appreciated the sturdy zippers — they are resistant and ideal for keeping rain and moisture out. The overall design is straightforward and intentional — layer mesh on the inside helps you retain your body heat in colder weather, and the removable hood makes for an easy transition into an everyday jacket. Another plus of the hood is that it has drawstrings on either side, allowing for a tight fit that will keep your head and face dry.

Of course, this men's rain jacket is pretty cheap compared to others on the market, so there are details you may lose out on as a result. This one is seriously lacking in ventilation, which isn’t ideal for those summertime rains that make the outside feel like a vortex of humidity. When testing jackets with ventilation, we found it to be a game changer in overall comfort, so if you live in a warmer climate or tend to overheat easily and typically only wear outdoor vests, this could be a dealbreaker for you. If you’re not looking to make a major investment in a men's rain jacket though, this would be a fine purchase.

Material: Polyester | Sizes: S-XXL |  Colors: 13

Best Rain Jacket with Hood: Marmot Men’s Precip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

$120 at

$120 at


  • The oversized hood keeps your head and face protected so you don’t have to worry about lugging an umbrella with you.

  • The generously sized vents in the armpits keeps things breathable and comfortable.

  • Its extremely lightweight fabric makes this easily packable and storable.


  • This jacket has a sportier look, which may stand out more if you have to wear it in more formal or professional settings.

  • It only has a drawstring on one side so it doesn’t have the most customizable adjustments.

You probably know what it’s like to be running errands in your rain jacket, only for it to stop raining and you’re suddenly left lugging around a bulky and wet jacket for the rest of the day. Finding a jacket made of lightweight material is a game changer, and we think we may have found the best in this one by Marmot. We were impressed by the lightweight nylon and how soft it felt, almost comparable to cotton. This would definitely be easy to pack or store for a trip, or stuff in a bag or under your arm when you’re on the go.

Even though it’s incredibly thin and lightweight, that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective in its water-proof abilities. We stayed completely dry during testing, aside from some leakage at the neckline which we attribute to accidentally ordering a size too big, so make sure you take into account that this is definitely true to size.

On the note of rain protection, another feature we loved was the oversized hood, which will keep your head and face dry. Aside from the thin material and protective hood, our favorite feature of this one is the ample sized vents underneath the armpits. Mixing humidity and zero breathability together often leaves you an overheated and sweaty mess in a rain jacket, but this one keeps you comfortable and ventilated without allowing for any leakage.

We saw two main drawbacks with this one. First, it has a sportier look. It comes in a variety of colors, but because of the oversized hood this may not be one you could wear to a more formal or professional setting. But if this was really a concern for you, you could probably opt for one of the gray or black shades and get away with it. Second, there’s only a drawstring on one side, so you won’t be able to have as much of a customized fit. But all in all, we found the $90 price reasonable, especially considering that there are much more expensive jackets on the market that are much less comfortable.

Material: 100% Nylon | Sizes: S-XXXL |  Colors: 15

Most Versatile: Patagonia Men's Torrentshell 3L Jacket

$179 at

See at


  • The fabric has a nice weight to it that feels high quality.

  • It has a roomy hood for shielding your head and face.

  • The two hand warmer pockets come in handy in colder climates, and zippable pit ventilation offers the option of cooling off if you overheat.


  • The elastic pull tabs on the collar had no lock so they popped out of place as soon as you let go, which wouldn’t be ideal for high wind areas.

This jacket by Patagonia is very soft to the touch and has an obvious weight to it that signals its high quality. Even still, it manages to have an airyness to it that grants you full range of motion if you’re out and about running errands. This is largely why it won our vote for best versatile — it really is a chameleon when it comes to what kind of weather you can wear it in. It has features that will keep you warm on a chilly day, like hand warmer pockets.

Although there is a bit of weight to the fabric, it’s still lightweight enough to be layering friendly on a colder day. And if you get overheated and need to cool off, there are also zippable vents in the armpits which come in handy during humid summer rains. If you live in an area that tends to have unpredictable weather or need something for transitional seasons, this would be a great addition to your closet.

While we appreciated the spacious hood, the elastic pull tabs at the collar meant to adjust its tightness were kind of flimsy. As soon as you set them at the desired tightness and let go they popped out of place. During rain tests we noticed that, because of this, water gets in at the collar and gets you kind of wet on the chest and stomach.

Considering all the bells and whistles this jacket comes with, we were kind of baffled by this oversight. This could definitely be a problem if you plan on doing any intense outdoor activities, especially ones in high wind areas, but you could probably overlook this if you’re only going to use it for everyday use or moderate hiking.

Material: 3.5 oz. 50-Denier Econyl recycled ripstop nylon/tricot | Sizes: XS-XXXL |  Colors: 11

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Best Long: Rains Men's Long Jacket

See at

$88 at


  • The vents in the armpits and the interior of the back allow for you to stay cool and breezy in dreary humidity.

  • It’s made of a soft rubber that felt comfortable and high quality, but still lightweight.

  • Has a brimmed hood for extra protection.


  • The buttons instead of zippers could lead to leakage in heavier rains.

While a longer rain jacket allows for extra protection, you may be worried that it would be easier to overheat in. But this one by Rains really impressed us with its intentional ventilation and lightweight material, which is why it won our vote for people who are looking for a little more coverage.

We were impressed by the softness of the fabric, which we could only compare to a soft, lightweight rubber. It definitely feels high quality, and that is reflected in its look too. If you want something more minimalistic and lowkey that can be worn in a variety of settings, you’ll be glad to have this in your closet. Aside from the look and feel, the design choices were mostly on point — not only does it have ventilation in the armpits but also on the back interior. Any extra heat you may absorb due to the length is made up for with the added vents, which is great for those of us who tend to overheat in rain jackets.

While we did appreciate the design overall, one thing we have to note here is the fact that it has button enclosures as opposed to a zipper. The zippers all feel high quality and easily close and open, but this does allow for extra gapping that could cause leakage. In a rain jacket, zipper enclosures are always ideal for insulation and protection, so we were kind of disappointed by this design choice.

At the least we would’ve rather seen a zipper on the inside and button reinforcements on the outside, but we digress. All in all, this does feel high quality and would be a great option for anyone who wants a rain jacket with a little more length.

Material: 100% polyester with polyurethane coating | Sizes: XS-XXL |  Colors: 10

Best Material: Outdoor Research Men's MicroGravity AscentShell Jacket

$196 at

$279 at


  • It’s very lightweight and ideal for packing in a suitcase or storing in a closet without taking up too much space.

  • The rubber seams on the zippers make them watertight and keep you nice and dry, as well as your pockets.

  • It has the capability of zipping up all the way to your nose for extra protection from wind and rain.


  • The hood’s drawstrings are on the inside of the hood, so you have to unzip the jacket to adjust them.

  • It lacks inside pockets so there isn’t as much storage as you may like.

You’re going to love this jacket by Outdoor Research because it is simultaneously lightweight, soft, and extremely waterproof. We loved how foldable and packable it is — it would be great to take on a camping trip, and ideal for anybody working with limited storage space. This is why it won our vote for best material, it quite literally defies logic in the best way with all of its features.

Although it doesn’t have obvious ventilation, it does have small, subtle perforations on the seams that keep you cool and keep rain out, which we appreciated. The zipper seams are made of rubber on both the jacket itself and the pockets. This adds an extra level of waterproofing, which we definitely noticed throughout testing. You definitely don’t have to worry about keeping things like your phone in your pockets, which is a nice touch. On the note of the zippers, we also loved that the jacket zips up all the way to your nose for extra protection from wind and rain.

One thing that could be an issue is the fact that the hood drawstrings are on the inside of the hood. While they do allow for a customizable fit, you have to unzip the whole jacket to get to them which could become annoying when you’re on the go.

Additionally, there are only external pockets, which isn’t as big of a deal considering the pockets that we do get here are pretty watertight. It is nice to have that extra inside storage, and we definitely missed that here. However, for the luxurious and high performing material, we highly recommend this one.

Material: 100% nylon 20Dx45D ripstop with 100% polyester 30D knit backer | Sizes: S-XXXL |  Colors: 4

Best Investment: Outdoor Research Men's Foray Super Stretch Jacket

$195 at

See at


  • The high quality waterproof fabric allowed the fabric itself to stay dry.

  • It’s lightweight enough that you can move freely while wearing it.

  • The lined zippers allow for extra water protection.


  • The brim on the hood collapsed against more intense water exposure, which wouldn’t be ideal in heavier rainstorms

We were immediately impressed by this rain jacket by Outdoor Research because of how intensely waterproof the fabric is. While most jackets we tested were relatively permeable and allowed water to gently bead on the surface, this one wicked all moisture off completely, and the fabric itself stayed dry throughout our tests. Even though the fabric is high-performing, it’s still lightweight enough that you can totally move freely in it, even when doing more intense physical activity.

While many zippers inevitably allow some water leakage, this one had extra lining that adds an extra level of waterproofing. A unique feature we noticed is that there are zippable vents all the way up both sides of the torso. While many rain jackets have ventilation in the armpits, this is highly unusual but would come in very handy during more hot and humid weather.

We really only had one complaint with this one and it was the hood — during more intense water flow the brim started to collapse which allowed water to get in around the neck and collar. This isn’t a huge deal, but in heavier rain storms this could be a problem. We wish the brim would’ve been a little bit longer, but other than that we really did like this jacket and found it to be worth the price point. If you’re looking to make an investment in something that will last, you’ll be glad to have this one in your closet.

Material: Gore-Tex | Sizes: S-XXXL |  Colors: 4

Best Warm: Baerskin Waterproof Softshell Jacket

See at


  • The full fleece interior lining keeps you warm.

  • Its adjustable hood, waist, and arm cuffs prevent water getting through.

  • The full-length zipper has a chafe guard to prevent irritation.


  • Its insulation may not be suitable for warmer climates.

Made with a water-repellent coating and available in two colors, the Baerskin Waterproof Softshell Jacket will do more than just look good; it'll keep you extra warm whether you're fishing, running errands, or on your daily commute. That's partly thanks to the jacket's interior fleece lining that manages to keep you toasty, but without the bulkiness or heaviness of down.

The jacket has fully customizable features designed to put you in control of how warm or cool you want to be (like adjustable cuffs and waist to block wind and water). Plus, to shield your head and face from the rain, there's a three-panel hood and peak lapels that can be adjusted with a drawstring and toggle cinch. When you're ready to cool down, the underarm zippers offer ventilation — a great feature if you plan on engaging in outdoor activities.

Aside from its ability to provide warmth, this jacket also stands out for its pockets. Yes, there are roomy waist pockets for stashing everyday items like your wallet and keys, but the jacket also features pockets on the arms, chest, and interior (all complete with waterproof zippers) for a total of nine options for storing your necessities.

Overall, the jacket exudes durability and quality craftsmanship all around and earns major cool points for not breaking the bank. Something to note: Because of its high level of insulation, it'll likely only be a jacket you whip out for chilly conditions (versus using everyday).

Material: DWR coating, fleece | Sizes: S-3XL | Colors: 2

Best for Hiking: The North Face Alta Vista Jacket in Aviator Navy

$140 at

See at


  • There are a number of pockets to store valuables and everyday essentials.

  • The jacket can be folded up and stowed into the chest pocket — great for your hiking backpack.

  • The underarm vents help air out extra body heat.

  • As with most products from The North Face, the jacket is covered under a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The pockets are angled, so items may fall out if you don't zip them up.

Getting caught in the rain while hiking is a non-issue when The North Face Men’s Alta Vista Jacket is involved. Technical, well-thought out features are in place to ensure you stay warm when it's chilly, cool when you're breaking a sweat, and dry when the rain decides to pour.

The jacket is made of 100-percent recycled materials and a water-repellent finish along with an adjustable hood that'll help trap in heat — ideal for keeping your neck warm while you're on the trail. When you begin to feel the burn on your more strenuous hikes, the zippered vents at the underarms offer ample breathability.

Pocket-wise, the jacket has several: A vertical chest pocket, two hand pockets, and an internal drop-in pocket for smaller items like gum or lip balm. You won't feel the need to carry any extra bags on your hike thanks to the slew of pockets, but if you do, the jacket bunches up into itself and can be stashed into a backpack to take with you on the go.

Material: 100% recycled nylon, 100% recycled polyester | Sizes: S-3XL |  Colors: 3

Best for Running: Baleaf Men's Light Running Hiking Rain Jacket

$49 at


  • The ventilation panels allow body heat to escape.

  • The silicone hem ensures the jacket doesn't ride up.

  • There are reflective elements for low-light or nighttime runs.


  • This has a sporty look but has the potential to look boxy.

If you're committed to your daily run, the Baleaf Men's Rain Jacket will keep you comfortable  rain or shine. Roomy enough to layer clothes underneath while still maintaining wind- and rain-blocking properties, the jacket is designed with several features that make it especially good for runners. Of course, it has the basics like a waterproof exterior, elastic cuffs, and an adjustable hood that's big enough to accommodate different head sizes (and even a helmet), but it also features a silicone hem that keeps the jacket in place while sprinting, jogging, and running.

Beyond this, it has ventilation along the back that provides breathability so you won't feel drenched or sticky post-running. Plan on running or biking at night? The reflective logo and stripes across the front, back, and hood of the jacket ensure visibility and safety. The jacket doesn't skimp on pockets, either. There are two front pockets, a chest pocket, and a spacious rear pocket that provides ample space for your running gloves, extra gaiters, and phone. We love this pick for chilly mornings or any other cold weather condition.

Material: Polyester | Sizes: S-3XL |  Colors: 10

Other Rain Jackets We Tried

  • 33,000ft Packable Rain Jacket Men's Lightweight Waterproof Rain Shell: If you’re looking for something affordable, lightweight, and functional, this $37 men's rain jacket is a great choice. You’re definitely getting what you pay for, though. The zippers were not made of water-resistant material, the wrists have elastic adjustments notorious for giving out over extended use, and there’s no ventilation, so you may feel on hot and humid days. But if you’re looking for something cheap to use in the short term, this is a fine option.

  • Merrell Men's Whisper Rain Shell: This jacket certainly feels high quality and is an ideal pick for someone who lives in a colder climate. It stays nice and warm, and this is largely because of the extra bulk of the material. However, it has a two-way zip, which means the zippers easily get caught on each other. Also, there is zero ventilation, which is good for colder weather, but if it’s hot and humid, you’ll definitely be uncomfortable.

  • Columbia Men's Glennaker Rain Jacket: If you want something simple and stylish, this men's rain jacket is a good option. The hood has a generous brim that keeps water out of your eyes and adjustable drawstrings on either side for customized fit and comfort. But our main issue with this one, and why it didn’t make the final cut, is the zipper. It repeatedly got caught on the inside fabric during testing, which would probably only get worse over prolonged use.

  • Jack Wolfskin Men's Prelight 2.5L Jacket: We love the breathability, lightweight material, and flexibility this rain jacket offers. It has a simple and expected design — there are two zipper-enclosed pockets and an adjustable drawstring on both the non-removable hood and the bottom of the jacket itself. However, it's $200. If you want something simple to keep in your closet for the occasional rainstorm, this would be a fine choice, but we recommend waiting until you can catch it on sale. 

<p>People / Jhett Thompson</p>

People / Jhett Thompson

Things to Consider Before Buying a Men's Rain Jacket


It really is all in the details: Once you get used to some small design elements, especially in something that’s all about function, like a rain jacket, you’ll never be able to go back. Looking at the design of a jacket and determining your non-negotiables is key for making a purchase that will last. According to Charlie Berg, Senior Product Manager of Outdoor Research, you should pay close attention to the hood in rain jackets. “[It’s good to have] a hood that is nicely adjustable and big enough to [perhaps] wear over a bike helmet, [or not so big] that it doesn’t cover your face.” He recommends trying it on in-store or looking at product reviews to see what customers say about its fit.

Another thing to think about is the climate you live in. If the area you live in has a lot of humidity, you’ll definitely want to look for a rain jacket that has good ventilation to prevent overheating. If you live in a colder area, something with a little more bulk and insulation will save you during cold rain showers. And universally, waterproofed zippers and internal pockets are design elements that will be an absolute game changer.


If you are on the fence about purchasing a rain jacket because they’re notoriously stuffy, you’re not alone! Moisture and poor ventilation are a volatile duo, which is why picking a breathable rain jacket is key for comfort. If you’re worried about vented rain jackets defeating their purpose by letting water in, there are lots of options on the market.

“Pit zip vents are the gold standard for venting and comfort, especially a nice big pit vent that goes from your elbow to halfway down your torso,” Berg says, “Open that up, get a bunch of airflow, and you can cool off while maintaining protection from the rain.” Picking a rain jacket with vents that are hidden in the armpits (or even zippable) is a great way to stay dry and cool. (We love the Marmot Men's Rain Jacket for this reason.)


Depending on the intended use of your rain jacket, whether you’re planning on wearing it to run errands or go on long distance hikes, your desired fit will vary. “Some basic rain jackets might not be sized for layering, so if you want your rain jacket to work when it's cold, you're going to want to have a roomier fit so you can fit some warm clothes underneath it,” Berg says, “You also want to ensure that it's sufficiently long. Some value-priced rain jackets are pretty short, so somebody might buy a value-priced rain jacket and find out that it is shorter than some lightweight insulated jacket that they might want to wear the rain jacket over, which you can do, but it's not ideal.”  Our top pick for a long rain jacket is the Rains TM Long Jacket.

<p>People / Jhett Thompson</p>

People / Jhett Thompson

How We Tested

Our editors scouted the web for the best rain jackets on the market and tested 17 different ones from a wide range of brands and price points. We put each rain jacket through a variety of tests that mimicked real-life weather exposure. We scored each jacket on the following:

  • Water Resistance: We exposed each fabric to large amounts of water to test the integrity of its DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment, also keeping in mind how the zipper, button, and hood enclosures protected against moisture as well.

  • Breathability and Comfort: We also wore each jacket while doing various physical activities to see how breathable it was when met with increased body heat and how flexible the fabric was with lots of movement.

  • Design: After unboxing each rain jacket, We noted special features such as zippable armpit vents, extra pockets, and hoods. We then observed if those features were actually helpful throughout testing.

  • Value: At the end of the test, we revealed the price to our testers and weighed whether the price matched the overall performance and quality.

Each rain jacket was graded on a scale of one to five (with one being the poorest performer and five being the best), and top-scoring jackets made our list.

<p>People / Jhett Thompson</p>

People / Jhett Thompson

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a raincoat and a rain jacket?

You may be thinking, “There’s no way there’s a difference between a raincoat and a rain jacket,” but there actually is a slight nuance! While raincoats are more lightweight and designed for protection from lighter rain and moderate outdoor exposure, rain jackets are typically heavier, longer, more durable, and built to protect from more intense rain as well as wind. Both are usually waterproof, zippable, and come with a hood, but the type of conditions they’re built for are a bit different.

Which fabric is best for a rain jacket?

This largely depends on preference and intended use, but anything that isn’t absorbent is ideal. You are most likely to see rain jackets made of: Gore-Tex, eVent, polyester, nylon, or neoprene. All of these are acceptable fabrics for a rain jacket and will certainly get the job done. If you want something more lightweight, you’ll probably be more comfortable in Nylon. If you want something durable and protective against harsh weather, neoprene is a better choice.

Are rain jackets windproof?

To answer this question, it’s important to acknowledge the difference between waterproof and water-resistant jackets. While water resistant jackets can keep you dry to a certain degree they aren’t built for intense water exposure.

Waterproof jackets elevate the amount of protection by being designed to withstand water and its corrosive effects altogether. As a result, it’s pretty safe to assume that waterproof jackets are also windproof since they have more hefty protective technology on their side. However, if you want to be sure, check the product description of your desired rain jacket for mentions of windproof fabric.

Why Trust PEOPLE?

This roundup was written by Olivia Avitt, a freelance writer for PEOPLE who specializes in thorough, honest product reviews, and Michelle Rostamian, a PEOPLE contributing freelancer who specializes in fashion and beauty. For this roundup, they evaluated the results of our tests, as well as insights from expert Charlie Berg, a senior product manager at Outdoor Research. Nobody wants to buy something that doesn’t measure up to the loft promises in the product description, so they took an unbiased and thoughtful editorial approach to providing you with straight-to-the-point reviews that will help you make an empowered purchase. 

Meet Our Expert

Charlie Berg is the Senior Product Manager of Outdoor Research, an outdoor gear retailer. Berg helped inform our tests by consulting our lab team on the best ways to test a rain jacket's performance, as well as what to look for in a men's rain jacket.

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