The 10 Best Jennifer Aniston Movies and TV Shows — And Where to Watch Them

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When it comes to Hollywood, there are very few actresses who shine as brightly as Jennifer Aniston. An Emmy winner best known for her work on Friends, she has actually been in so much for than that — which we have proof on, as you'll see in the following guide to the 10 best Jennifer Aniston movies and TV shows.

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10. The Bounty Hunter (2010)

After jumping bail for a murder she didn't commit, reporter Nicole Hurley (Aniston) is chased down by her bounty hunter ex-husband (Gerard Butler). Soon, though, the two embark on a dangerous mission to try and catch the real killer. This film has the perfect blend of action, comedy and romance.

You can watch this film on AMC+.

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9. Mother's Day (2016): Jennifer Aniston movies and TV shows

This heartfelt film stars Aniston, Kate HudsonJason Sudeikis, and Julia Roberts as they all cross paths on Mother's Day. Aniston plays Sandy, a stressed-out single mother who is struggling after learning that her ex-husband is marrying a much younger woman. Fans of dual timelines and chance encounters will love this one.

You can watch this film on Max.

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8. Dumplin' (2018)

Aniston takes on more of a supporting role in this young adult book-turned-movie. It follows plus-sized high schooler Willowdean Dickinson (Danielle Macdonald) as she enters her mother Rosie's (Aniston) beauty pageant to try and sabotage it.  Wholesome fun featuring a beautiful mother daughter relationship.

You can watch this film on Netflix.

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7. Rumor Has It...(2005): Jennifer Aniston movies and TV shows

This family-centric film was one of the first things Aniston did after Friends ended in 2004. It follows Sarah Huttinger (Aniston) after she learns that her family inspired a hit Hollywood movie. Soon she crosses paths with Beau Burroughs (Kevin Costner), who might be just be her biological father. Shirley MacLaineMark RuffaloRichard Jenkins and Mena Suvari also appear.

You can watch this film on Amazon Prime Video.

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6. We're The Millers (2013)

Aniston teams up with Sudeikis again in this laugh-out-loud comedy from 2013. After getting jumped by thugs, David Clark (Sudeikis) ends up indebted to his drug supplier. To try and keep things from getting even worse, he creates a fake family to help him cross the Mexican border and get back all the contraband he lost. Stars like Kathryn HahnNick OffermanEd HelmsWill Poulter and Emma Roberts also appear.

You can watch this film on Sling.

5. He's Just Not That Into You (2009): Jennifer Aniston movies and TV shows

This fun romantic comedy has an ensemble cast consisting of Ben AffleckGinnifer GoodwinDrew BarrymoreJennifer Connelly and more. In the film, Beth (Aniston) is ready for her boyfriend Neil (Affleck) to make a commitment, Gigi (Goodwin) is tired of waiting for men to call, while Mary (Barrymore) is hoping to finally find a man and Janine (Connelly) is struggling to trust her husband. Even with such a well-known cast, Aniston is certainly the star of this one.

You can watch this film on Amazon Prime Video.

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4. The Morning Show (2019-Present)

With three seasons and counting, this drama-filled TV show earned Aniston her first Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category in 2020. In the show, viewers are taken behind the scenes of a fictional morning news program and all of the drama that comes with it — Aniston costars with Reese WitherspoonSteve CarellBilly Crudup, and Julianna Margulies.

You can watch this show on Apple TV+.

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3. Marley & Me (2008): Jennifer Aniston movies and TV shows

Aniston and Owen Wilson star in this heartbreaking film based on the New York Times Best-Selling book. Journalists John (Wilson) and Jenny (Aniston) Grogan decide to adopt an adorable yellow lab named Marley. It turns out, though, that Marley likes to cause mischief and rip up furniture, but the Grogans love him anyway. Tissues are a necessity for this one!

You can watch this film on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Just Go with It (2011)

With hilarious moments, a beautiful Hawaiian backdrop and a fresh take on family, this is certainly one of Aninston's best. It follows Dr. Daniel Maccabe (Adam Sandler) as he tries to win over Palmer's (Brooklyn Decker) heart by enlisting the help of his assistant Katherine (Aniston) and her kids. The group sets off to Hawaii, and right as they touch down, chaos breaks out. It has so many funny lines that it's almost impossible not to laugh out loud.

You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video.

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1. Friends (1994-2004): Jennifer Aniston movies and TV shows

Coming in at number one is none other than Aniston's most iconic and well-known project, Friends. It ran for ten seasons and follows six twenty-something-year-olds as they try to tackle working, being single and on their own in New York City. Aniston stars alongside Courteney CoxLisa KudrowMatt LeBlancMatthew Perry and David Schwimmer. Aniston earned four Emmy nominations and one Emmy win in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category for her work on the show.

You can watch this show on Max.

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