A ‘1 in 10 million’ bison is born at Wyoming state park. See photo of the rare calf

A rare white bison calf has been born at a Wyoming state park, officials reported.

A 2-year-old white bison gave birth to the calf at Bear River State Park near Evanston, park officials said May 16 on Facebook.

The National Bison Association told KUTV the birth of a white bison is normally a “1 in 10 million” occurrence.

In this case, it wasn’t entirely chance, park officials said.

“As the coloration is a result of a very small amount of cattle genetics mixed in rather than a fluke like albinism or leucism, it isn’t unusual that the calf is white too,” the park said.

A photo posted by park officials shows the new calf grazing with its mother.

A white bison gave birth to a rare white calf at Bear River State Park in Evanston, Wyoming, a photo shows.

“Please continue to give the bison room to try out motherhood and tend to their young!” park officials said.

Some Native American tribes consider white bison the “most sacred living thing on Earth,” according to the National Park Service.

“When a white buffalo calf is born, it is a sign that their prayers are being heard and that the promises of the prophecy are being fulfilled,” the park service said.

Bear River State Park is in the southwest corner of Wyoming near the Utah border, about 330 miles from Casper.

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