0207 Def Jam Signee Bru-C Opens Up On New Single “Playground”

·1 min read

Just a few weeks on from his last drop, “No Excuses”, Nottingham D&B MC Bru-C is already back with another one in “Playground”.

Produced by Toddla T, Clipz and Adrian Mcleod, the instrumental still packs a drum & bass punch, but it’s not quite as party-starting as some of Bru-C’s other joints. This time around, the 0207 Def Jam signee takes a slightly more personal approach, showing us round the block he grow up on in Notts and giving us the honest rundown of what his childhood was like, for better or worse.

Teeeezy C channels that autobiographical story perfectly, taking us right back to his stomping ground, from housing estates and chip shops to the hallowed grounds of Nottingham Forest.

“I’m gassed to be putting this tune out,” says Bru-C. “This song means a lot to me; it represents where I’m from and who I am more than anything I think I’ve ever put out—both visually and in terms of what I’m saying in the song. With the way Forest’s doing at the minute and with the sentiment of the track, I feel as if this is the perfect time to release it. I hope you all enjoy!”

Peep the visuals for “Playground” above and be sure to add the song to your playlists.