'A Charlie Brown Christmas' Honored With 50th Anniversary Stamps

·Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

A Charlie Brown Christmas has been a holiday TV tradition for five decades now. So it’s only appropriate that the U.S. Postal Service has decided to give the animated special an early 50th birthday present that doubles as a holiday gift to the public. On Oct. 1, a special booklet of 20 Peanuts stamps, featuring 10 still frames from A Charlie Brown Christmas, will be dedicated at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in California. You can order your booklets now at USPS.com in advance of the holiday rush, thus ensuring that you’ll get stamps rather than Charlie Brown’s regular present: a rock.

And this is just the start of the birthday celebration for A Charlie Brown Christmas. ABC, which airs the half-hour cartoon every year in December, will also premiere an all-new Kristen Bell-hosted special on Nov. 30. Entitled It’s Your 50th Birthday, Charlie Brown, the tribute will feature Hollywood stars describing how much the special means to them, as well as live performances of the much-loved music, composed by Vince Guaraldi. So flip through this slideshow of Charlie Brown Christmas Forever stamps and decide which one you’ll affix to the invitations for your annual Charlie Brown Christmas viewing party.

Charlie Brown Christmas Forever stamps go on sale on Oct. 1; It’s Your 50th Birthday, Charlie Brown airs on Nov. 30 on ABC.