WikiLeaks releases Clinton speeches for Goldman Sachs

Hillary Clinton's alleged Goldman Sachs speeches have been leaked in the latest series of emails released by WikiLeaks. The organization has been leaking emails throughout the week, putting the Clinton campaign on defense. CBS Radio News correspondent Steven Portnoy joins CBSN to discuss the latest leak.

Three of Hillary Clinton's paid speeches to Goldman Sachs were released on Saturday by WikiLeaks, casting an awkward spotlight on the Democrat's ties to the biggest players on Wall Street in the final stretch of the White House race.Clinton's campaign did not contest the authenticity of the remarks, which were part of a huge trove of documents hacked from the emails of campaign chairman John Podesta by WikiLeaks. Among other issues, Clinton is shown in the speeches offering opinions on financial regulations, relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the negative effects of previous WikiLeaks releases on U.S. foreign policy. The campaign has blamed the Russian government for the hacks, a view shared by the government, and accused the anti-secrecy website of seeking to help Clinton's Republican rival for the presidency Donald Trump. Clinton's remarks are not dramatically out of step with her public remarks on the same issues, though they may read as a bit more forthright in style.In her October 2013 address to Goldman Sachs, she suggested something had to be done to rein in Wall Street abuses "for political reasons."

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