Trump snarls back as he faces flood of claims that he molested women

LAKELAND, FL - OCTOBER 12: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport on October 12, 2016 in Lakeland, Florida. Trump continues to campaign against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with less than one month to Election Day.

Donald Trump was fighting for his political life on Thursday as he faced a flood of damaging claims that he molested women. The Republican presidential nominee angrily denied allegations by six women that he groped or kissed them on the mouth. His campaign branded them "character assassination" and a blatant attempt to derail his run at the White House. Mr Trump, 70, was said to be planning to sue the New York Times after it published claims by two women, one of whom said she came forward after hearing the tycoon's denial that he ever molested women during this week's presidential debate. "None of this ever took place," Mr Trump angrily told the paper, calling the reporter a "disgusting human being".

To reach back decades in an attempt to smear Mr Trump trivialises sexual assault and it sets a new low for where the media is willing to go in its efforts to determine this election.

Jason Miller, from the Trump campaign

Apart from the allegations in the New York Times, new claims about Mr Trump surfaced via The Palm Beach Post, NBC, People Magazine and Yahoo News. Former businesswoman Jessica Leeds, 74, told the Times that Mr Trump groped her on a flight in the early 1980s as they sat next to each other in first class. Another woman, Rachel Crooks, said she was a 22-year-old receptionist in Trump Tower when the tycoon kissed her on the mouth. Mindy McGillivray, now 36, told the Post that Mr Trump grabbed her at his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida in early 2003. More sordid allegations came in Yahoo News from Miss Washington 2013, Cassandra Searles, who said he had "continually grabbed my ass and invited me to his hotel room".

It was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. He started encroaching on my space and I hesitate to use this expression but he was like an octopus, it was like he had six arms, he was all over the place.

Jessica Leeds
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Donald John Trump(born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television producer, author, politician, and the Republican Party nominee for president in 2016.

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