Dance your cares away: Jim Henson's 'Fraggle Rock' to return to HBO

Jim Henson’s iconic TV series Fraggle Rock is returning to HBO in HD. HBO was the original home of the series when it premiered in 1983, and the digitally remastered version will return at the end year on the internet TV network, the Jim Henson Company said today. Fraggle Rock stars a cast of puppet creatures called Fraggles, quirky cave-dwellers who live in an underground world alongside their industrious green neighbors, the Doozers, and a family of enormous Gorgs. The…

Good news for '80s kids — and also late '80s kids, and early '90s kids, and basically everyone else on the planet. One of Jim Henson's cult-fave shows is returning to TV. Haven't you always wanted to binge "Fraggle Rock" as an adult? Well, that wish is about to become a reality. The Jim Henson Co. said it has arranged to remaster the 1980s children's series for a new generation, and it will be available on HBO and its streaming and on-demand platforms later this year.

'Fraggle Rock' returns to HBO, will be an excellent palate cleanser between #Westworld and #GameofThrones

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"Fraggle Rock" premiered on HBO in 1983. With more than 96 episodes, the series introduced 100 original songs, and the puppet stars promoted the virtues of friendship, diversity and taking care of the planet. "Fraggle Rock" will become available in high-definition, giving fans a colorful look at the Fraggles, Gorgs and Doozers.

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Fraggle Rock(also known as Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock or Fraggle Rock with Jim Henson's Muppets) is a British/American/Canadian children's live action puppet television series about interconnected societies of Muppet creatures, created by Jim Henson.Fraggle Rock was co-produced by British television company Television South(TVS), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, U.S. pay television service Home Box Office and Henson Associates.

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