German police capture Syrian bomb plot suspect in Leipzig

German police in Saxony have arrested Jaber Albakr, who is suspected of planing a bomb attack

German police say they have captured a Syrian man who is suspected of planning a bomb attack. Investigators said they were "tired but overjoyed" after detaining Jaber Albakr, a refugee who was originally from Damascus, in the city of Leipzig. A nationwide manhunt was launched after Albakr's flat in the eastern city of Chemnitz was raided and police found "several hundred grams" of a volatile explosive - but no sign of the 22-year-old. Another Syrian was taken into custody after Saturday afternoon's raid on suspicion he could be a co-conspirator.

Nobody was injured and no shots were fired. We've taken the man into custody and we are questioning him now.

Tom Berhardt, spokesman for the Saxony state criminal investigation office

Although officials say a relatively small amount of explosives were found, it would have been enough to cause significant damage. Experts have been trying to determine whether the substance is the explosive known as TATP, which was used in the terror attacks seen in Paris and Brussels. Security at airports and ports was stepped up during the two-day manhunt for Albakr, but a national and international search has now ended. Saxony police had been informed by Germany's domestic intelligence service that Albakr may have been planning an attack - and although he was already on the agency's radar, it is not clear for how long. Local media reports said he left his five-storey apartment block in Chemnitz while police were at the scene preparing their raid - and it is not immediately clear how he managed to avoid officers.

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Chemnitz, known from 1953 to 1990 as Karl-Marx-Stadt, is the third-largest city in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. Chemnitz is an independent city which is not part of any county and seat of the Freistaat Sachsen. Located in the northern foothills of the Ore Mountains, it is part of the Central German Metropolitan Region.
German police commandos stormed an apartment in the eastern city of Chemnitz

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Police arrest man in Chemnitz as hunt for suspected Syrian bomber continues | World

ARMED police have arrested a man in connection with a a hunt for a Syrian refugee suspected of planning a bomb attack.