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United Kingdom Breaking News: Baby Buzz Proves Celeb Power of Britain's Royals

July 22, 2013

In London, the royal birth is a tale of two cities ? a moment of history unfolding amid the frenzy of daily urban life. Outside the London hospital where Prince William's wife, Kate, was in labor, Londoners slowed their daily rush on a scorching summer day to take a quick picture and wonder at the vast media throng, then moved on. Two miles away at Buckingham Palace, the news seemed more momentous, an extra jolt of history to the royal pomp and pageantry that attracts tourists in their thousands each day. They may no longer wield political power, but Britain's royals are unsurpassed as celebrities and cultural icons. Japan has added its voice to international calls for Britain to maintain a leading role in the European Union, saying that membership is a key advantage for companies looking to access Europe's single market. GlaxoSmithKline has sent its head of emerging markets and two other top executives to China to lead the drugmaker's response to an unfolding crisis over alleged bribery and corruption.