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Rihanna News Pop: Rihanna's Heart Is Racing For Nascar Hottie Lewis Hamilton?

July 12, 2013

Rihanna allegedly got her flirt on with race car driver, Lewis Hamilton. Rihanna was spotted chatting up the newly single speedster, who just happens to be Nicole Scherzinger's ex! When we were late to school, we just got detention! Rihanna had to pay five grand! The singer visited Chicago's Barrington High School on March 22nd, part of the grand prize in her Shine Bright Like A Diamond contest. Unfortunately, she had a little traffic trouble and showed up over four hours late! Apparently RiRi felt bad about the whole thing and promised to make it up to the students. And now she has! With money! Gurl wrote a check to the school for $5,000! It seems there?s only so much RiRi's famous mentor Jay-Z can do when it comes to advising her on matters of the heart. The rapper recently hit up Hot 97?s The Angie Show for an interview regarding his new music. The Brooklyn native also opened up about Chris and Rihanna?s questionable romance. When asked, he said: ?That?s not my place I can?t control the outcome of her life. I can?t intervene.? Jay then added: ?I can give advice, if asked, you know, and that?s it. I can provide information, and then life has to play out. Life has to happen.?