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Miley Cyrus News Pop: Miley Cyrus to Show Raunchier Cut of New Video

July 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus is planning to release an even raunchier version of her controversial video for ?We Can?t Stop? to celebrate 100 million views online. She tells U.K. TV show ?Daybreak,? ? I don?t know if you have seen the video but it?s pretty crazy, so an even crazier version of the director?s cut will be released as soon as we get to a hundred million.? Miley Cyrus is taking it all off? but it's all for a good cause. The 20-year-old singer disrobed for the "Protect The Skin You're In" campaign, which raises funds for New York University Skin Cancer Institute. On Thursday, Miley revealed her stripped-down collaboration with Marc Jacobs International to benefit the cause ? a tee shirt available for purchase featuring her unclothed image. Miley Cyrus is TOO cool!! The singer can't stop complimenting herself and won't stop subtly dissing other celebs. While Miley has claimed that she is too "urban" to pay any attention to One Direction, she revealed during an interview in Germany that her hip hop music taste clearly does NOT include Chris Brown.