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Justin Bieber News Pop: Janitor's Union PISSED OFF Over Justin Bieber Mop Bucket Video

July 14, 2013

Justin Bieber's has no respect for working people - so says a rep for the biggest janitor union in the country. The reaction comes after a video was posted online showing the singer using a restaurant mop bucket for a toilet. After supposedly getting the boot from a Chicago nightclub for underage drinking, Justin Bieber apparently changed up his post-concert party plan for his show in Indianapolis. It's rumored that the Biebs did it up like a real rockstar and brought the party to him! Considering he can't legally drink in the U.S. or get into most clubs, the Biebs set up party central on his tour bus that supposedly parked outside an actual nightclub. Justin Bieber's got two more years until he turns 21?and it couldn't come soon enough. While in Chicago on his Believe tour, the hitmaker was ejected from a Windy City nightclub for being underage. The "Boyfriend" singer and his entourage were allowed into the hot spot, but soon after authorities showed up when someone alerted them to the teen idol's presence in the 21-and-over club.