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Entertainment News Pop: Oprah To Lindsay Lohan: 'I Want You To Win'

August 5, 2013

Lindsay Lohan is in the midst of rebuilding her career following numerous appearances in court, time spent behind bars and multiple rehab stints, but the actress has many people in her corner - including Oprah Winfrey who interviewed Lohan for her OWN network. Oprah said "I had a real conversation with her afterwards, saying, 'Look, the reason why I'm doing this, obviously it's going to be on television..... but in the end, it's about your life. I want you to win,'" Oprah explained. "That's what I said to her in that interview, 'I want you to win.'" Some Doctor Who fans aren't happy with the choice of Peter Capaldi to be the latest actor to portray the Time Lord, saying the 55 year-old is too old for the role. The 27-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan isn't back in NYC to spend time and the clubs or to flirt with beautiful boys, she's there to spend quality time with her family and to get her career back on track!!