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Entertainment News Pop: Liam Hemsworth on Jennifer Lawrence's Success: "Nothing Has Gone to Her Head"

August 5, 2013

uperstardom hasn't given Jennifer Lawrence an ego! The 22-year-old Oscar winner's Catching Fire costar Liam Hemsworth have said in an interview that "nothing has gone to her hear over the last few years." And did she gloat when she nabbed the Academy Award for best actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook? Of course not! Liam, 23, said "you wouldn't even know" she'd taken home that coveted golden statue. Angelina Jolie got in touch with the evil side of her "Maleficent" role while filming, which included pranking her co-stars.Actor Sharlto Copley dished on working with Angelina in the Disney big screen story of the "Sleeping Beauty" villain."It was amazing. We pranked each other like crazy," the actor, who plays Stefan, in the Disney movie said. With this exciting new chapter for Prince William and Kate Middleton, comes a posh present from the doting daddy to his beloved wife.According to the Daily Express, the Duke of Cambridge has enlisted the help of the Queen's jewelers and is rumored to be giving his ladylove a brooch with a pink diamond.