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Entertainment News Pop: Jimmy Fallon Interviews Kristen Wiig as Michael Jordan

July 16, 2013

Talk about your surprise guests! Kinda, sorta. During a recent episode of Late night, Jimmy Fallon was about to bring out guest Kristen Wiig. He then surprised the audience and brought out Michael Jordan! Except it wasn't actually Jordan, rather just Wiig dressed up as the iconic basketball player Lindsay Lohan?s mother hopes the troubled star will turn her life around with the help of TV titan Oprah Winfrey. The actress will sit down for a candid interview with the media mogul upon completing her current 90-day stint in rehab next month. Grammy-winning legend Stevie Wonder said during a concert that he will not perform in Florida or any other state that allows the "Stand Your Ground" law. The announcement, which came shortly after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Matin, was made during a performance in Quebec City, Canada.