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Entertainment News Pop: Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Married in South of France

June 29, 2013

E News is reporting that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger just rocked down the aisle in the South of France. After getting engaged last August, the 28-year-old pop-punk princess and her 38-year-old Nickleback-singer beau tied the knot in what Lavigne had promised would be a "crazy and colorful" theme-wedding. A rider supposedly nabbed from one of Justin Bieber's photo shoots is a complete fabrication. A rep for the "Boyfriend" crooner said the rider, which stated that the Biebs wanted "no Selena [Gomez] music" on set, among other things, is "a fake." Tomato fights, anarchic gymnasts and astrophysics drew festival-goers of all ages away from the mainstream music acts at Britain's Glastonbury festival this weekend. The 1,500 hippies who paid one pound ($1.52) to attend the first Glastonbury festival in 1970 would barely recognize the massive three-day event, where around 150,000 fans were watching 2,000 acts on 58 stages, alongside thousands of workshops and stalls.