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Celeb News Pop: Justin Bieber's BFF Lil' Twist Accused of Battery!

August 1, 2013

Here comes trouble!!! Justin Bieber's reckless bestie Lil' Twist is reportedly at it again! This time, the daredevil was named in a battery report with claims that Bieby's sidekick got aggressive with a woman inside the "Boyfriend" singer's crib. Child stars of the same feather, flock together!? At least that's what Miley Cyrus thinks of her BFF(ish), Britney Spears, and their relationship! We know Mizz Spears wanted twerking lessons from Miley, but had no idea the two ladies were actually friends! The 20-year-old 'We Can't Stop' singer claims she and Brit have bonded over constant unwanted media attention. Zac Posen is in his second season as a judge on Project Runway -- taking over the seat previously occupied by Michael Kors -- but the designer feels no pressure to offer up the kind of sarcastic barbs for which Kors was so memorable.