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Celeb News Pop: Justin Bieber Kicked Out Of Nightclub After Cops Catch Him Drinking Underage!

July 11, 2013

It's pretty obvious from his recent urinary escapades that Justin Bieber is getting his drink on. In the Biebs' Canadian homeland, drinking at 19 may be eh-OK, but here in the US, the legal age is 21! Maybe Justin feels the rules don't apply to him- and apparently the Bodi nightclub in Chicago club where he partied agreed. Just in case she hasn't set enough fur flying already, Amanda Bynes is now on the market for another dog. The troubled actress toted along her closest companion, her pet Pomperanion ? who she held up to shield her face from flashing paparazzi ? to help her choose a new canine at Chelsea Kennel but left without adding to her family because of the paparazzi It's being reported that Justin Bieber's B-F-F Lil Twist was arrested for a DUI in Calabasas at 3:30am Thursday morning. Caught driving yet ANOTHER of the Biebs' cars ? his Fisker Karma ? while reportedly under the influence, Lil Twist was allegedly on his way to Justin's home before being spotted by police. Lil Twist was also given a speeding ticket while driving Bieber's Ferrari in March.