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Celeb News Pop: Chris Pine Sports A Mega Beard & Mega Muscles On The Set Of Stretch!

July 16, 2013

This isn't the clean-cut Star Trek guy we're used to seeing! The beard Chris Pine was sporting recently has gone long now and Pine has quite a bit of extra facial hair on the set of his new film, The Stretch. The beard might not be your moms favorite look, but with delicious muscles he's packed on should help. New mom Kim Kardashian was forced to abandon her elaborate plans to dodge the paparazzi when she gave birth last month after doctors urged the reality star to deliver her daughter five weeks ahead of schedule. Justin Bieber has been teasing his new song, Heartbreaker, for more than a month. According to the Huffington Post, now fans can hear a snippet of the song in a new commercial for his fragrance The Key. The ad, which mainly shows a woman in a hotel room bed, gives a quick glimpse of the singer in the hotel's hallway.