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Apple Ready To Introduce 2 IPhones

August 20, 2013

For all its talk of doubling down on secrecy, Apple's efforts to keep its upcoming iPhones under-wraps seems all for naught. Recently there have been a flurry of photos of both plastic-and-metal iPhones that may or may not be its next-generation devices.Most notable is that it looks very much like Apple's going to introduce not one but two new iPhones for the first time since the device first hit the market in 2007 The appeal of Samsung devices to moms and business travelers could let the South Korean company take a bite out of Apple's popularity. Research firm Flurry Analytics analyzed the users and use patterns of 45,340 Android devices. It turns out that top Android users are avid runners, "hip urban lifestylers," and single people. It's a bit different from typical Apple users, which Flurry characterizes as "value shoppers" and new moms, in addition to single people.