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Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson

Melanie Griffith, 19, Don Johnson, 27
Child actress Melanie Griffith was just 14 when she started dating 22-year-old Don Johnson, who had co-starred with her mother, Tippi Hedren, in the 1973 film “The Harrad Experiment.” The couple wed in 1976, when Giffith was 19 and Johnson was 27 but the marriage only lasted six months. More than a decade later, as Griffith (who had married and divorced actor Steven Bauer in the early ‘80s) was going through rehab, she and the “Miami Vice” actor reunited, married again in 1989 and had a daughter, Dakota, that same year. They divorced for a second time in 1996.

Young Love

Newly engaged couple Miley Cyrus, 19, and 22-year-old Liam Hemsworth have their work cut out for them. Most celeb couples who have gotten married this young don’t end up staying together, though there are a few exceptions. Check out these famous brides who tied the knot at 20 or under, and find out whose love lasted … and whose didn’t. -- by Lizbeth Scordo, omg!