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Actor James Franco seen on the sets of his new movie 'Bukowiski' in Los Angeles

James Franco
The “Spring Breakers” star may not be living as wild a lifestyle as his latest film character – a rapping drug dealer named Alien – but he’s still doing plenty to tick off his neighbors. According to TMZ, multiple residents who live near his modest home in the L.A. enclave of Silver Lake have filed formal complaints with the city’s Housing Authority, alleging that the 34-year-old is running a production company out of the house, and thus causing parking problems and traffic jams. Franco's publicist did not respond to omg!'s request for comment. The stinkier problem, neighbors reportedly say, is the fact Franco leave piles of trash outside that blow into other yards. But that’s James Franco’s garbage. Something might be worth selling on Ebay!

The Worst Celebrity Neighbors

Think neighborly disputes are just a problem for average Joes? Think again. Despite the fact they may own mega-mansions on acres of land, the rich and famous get on the nerves of their neighbors too. Check out this list of celebs who have frustrated fellow folks in their communities thanks to everything from loud music to rowdy hot tubbing to too much trash.