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Rider Strong

Rider Strong - Shawn Hunter has grown up and is looking better than ever, if we may say so. After "Boy Meets World" ended in 2000, everyone's favorite '90s bad boy graduated from Columbia with a degree in English and completed his MFA in 2009 at Bennington College. He's continued working as an actor and filmmaker, but we're most pumped that he signed on for the new "Boy Meets World" sequel, "Girl Meets World," centered around Corey and Topanga’s daughter. Shawn and Corey back together again!

Where Are They Now? Catching up With Stars of The '80s and '90s

Not everyone has the staying power of some of these celebs. Who knew baby Michelle Tanner, Bayside’s A.C. Slater, and Gavin Rossdale’s punky singer girlfriend would all be household names in 2013? Big in the '80s and '90s, some of these stars are still burning bright today--others, not so much.

By Julie Pereira, Thread Blogger