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A Rounded Forehead

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A Rounded Forehead

"What we look at most are the shapes of foreheads because they reveal a lot about a person," says Haner.

"If you have a rounded one, like Christina Ricci, it typically means you're creative, artistic, highly emotional, but not always logical.

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What Your Facial Features Say About Your Personality

By Carly Cardellino

Say what??! "Yes, your face is saying something," says Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face.

"You're born with the features you have for a reason. The face is a map

of your personality as well as your whole life." Hot off the heels of a

study that revealed whether you're a fling or wife-y material, we

wanted to know more about what our eyes, nose, mouth, etc., are telling

the world. Here, Haner lays out what your facial features communicate

about you (or your BF or BFF), based on her studies in 3,000-year-old

face reading derived from Chinese medicine. Want a personalized reading

of your own? Contact Jean here!

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