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Justin Bieber Makes An Interesting Fashion Statement

Justin Bieber suggested -- via Instagram -- that he was dared to wear this garish getup by a pal who wouldn't sport it himself. But based on other outrageous outfits we've seen the pop star don, we're not necessarily beliebing him. Regardless of his intentions, JBiebs, who turns 19 on Friday, looked ridiculous from head-to-toe in this LMFAO-inspired ensemble, which featured a studded cap, dorky specs, two gold watches, and the saggiest (and most hideous) pair of pants we've ever seen. Somewhere, Selena Gomez is laughing her non-saggy butt off. (2/26/2013)

What Were They Thinking?! (week of 2/25/13)

This week's worst-dressed crew includes Justin Bieber, Cher, and Britney Spears. -- By Matt Whitfield