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Lauren Graham, Peter Krause

After working side by side in “Parenthood” in 2010, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause quickly realized that they had feelings for one another, but they actually met in 1995 on the set of “Caroline in the City. “We met when I first came out [to Los Angeles], but the timing wasn't right,” she told Redbook. “Though I think we liked each other.” As for working with her real-life boyfriend now – as siblings Adam and Sarah Braverman on “Parenthood” – Graham joked to the magazine, “You can be dismissive and obnoxious to them and no one can blame you – but you can only get away with that on camera.” Kidding aside, she added, “You know, one of the things that's been so fun [about this relationship] is that it's so easy.”

Celebrity Couples Who Met on TV Sets

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