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Kate Upton commercial

You've got 30 seconds. Isn't it nice to know that 30 seconds of your undivided attention is worth $4 million? All right, maybe not undivided, since your fingers will be in the avocado dip and your eyes on your smartphone -- plus that $4 million gets divvied up among, say, 111 million pair of eyeballs, which really means your time's worth 4 cents. Okay, whatever the math, the answer is Kate Upton. Oodles of Super Bowl ads are already out, and anticipation's high for Psy hawking pistachios, but when it comes to looking up a commercial, a blonde socialite washing a Mercedes Benz has no equal. (Check out Yahoo! Screen for Super Bowl ads past and coming up, all in one place.)

Top 10 Super Bowl XLVII Searches

When's kickoff? Who's singing the national anthem? And how does one make Super Bowl snacks in the shape of the Super Bowl?

As the Baltimore Ravens make their 10th Bowl visit, facing the 49ers, who wouldn't mind tying the record for most Super Bowl wins, people have been asking lots of questions -- and looking for answers online -- about XLVII. Here's a gander at gridiron questions blitzing Yahoo! Search in the past week. -- By Vera Chan, Yahoo!