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Little Yellow Door House

There is a growing industry of small-scale, multiple-use furniture for tiny houses; in fact Tumbleweed Tiny House Company founder Jay Shafer (who has recently moved on to form the separate Four Lights Houses company) will introduce a line of “transformer furniture,” including an “exploding table” that’s a chair-desk-table, and a loft-bed ladder that doubles as storage space, in January. But, says Jenkins, “I didn’t want to feel like I was camping.” So, in addition to her shower-sink combo, her only other multiple-use pieces are a wooden 1800s school desk that she uses for a desk-table, and some under-the-couch storage boxes that slide out to be used for guest seats.

Tiny house, big freedom

Ella Jenkins has been living in a space about the size of a shipping container since October—and loving every minute of it. She built her own 130-square-foot house with the help of a kit and her stepfather, and is now part of a growing trend of people who reside in “tiny houses,” miniature abodes that are modestly priced, eco-friendly and minimalistic.  - Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff