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Little Yellow Door House

Jenkins ran out of money before purchasing a propane heater, so there’s no source of heat inside Little Yellow. “I went to college in Scotland, so I’m kind of chill with cold weather,” she says. “I even go in the ocean here.” Cooking dinner heats the house up fast, she adds, and her loft bed—a queen-size futon tucked under the A-line roof—is extremely cozy. “It’s awesome. You can sit up in it.”

Tiny house, big freedom

Ella Jenkins has been living in a space about the size of a shipping container since October—and loving every minute of it. She built her own 130-square-foot house with the help of a kit and her stepfather, and is now part of a growing trend of people who reside in “tiny houses,” miniature abodes that are modestly priced, eco-friendly and minimalistic.  - Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff