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Blindside Time

"I think I played a great game this season and I am so thrilled that CBS Television, host Jeff Probst and producer Mark Burnett invited me back to play as a fan favorite. In fact, it was a total honor. During this season, I established a strong, solid alliance with Stealth R Us. I performed well in the early challenges, and that helped the Favorites gain traction as the Fans struggled to find their footing. Later on, even though Malcolm sided with the Three Amigos, after the merge he sacrificed two immunity idols to eliminate me from the game, and in the end it backfired. If he had not fixated on me as a threat, he might be still in the game. So even in defeat my presence influenced the final outcome. That said, I am satisfied with my overall gameplay and feel proud that Parvati Shallow actually dubbed me a 'Survivor' icon on CBS's 'After Show.' I hope the viewing audience enjoyed watching my growth this season. I missed out on the pot of gold, but I still have wonderful memories to treasure for the rest of my life." -- Phillip, "The Specialist"

The 'Survivor: Caramoan' Cast Recalls the Season's Highlights