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4. Sharon Stone, “Basic Instinct”

Don’t get us wrong; “Basic Instinct” is fabulous … fabulously inane, and we cherish it and Sharon Stone’s star-making performance as two of our guiltiest film pleasures. However, nothing about this erotic thriller (minus its truly fantastic score) justifies a Golden Globe nomination. The HFPA simply loves a newbie, and they were going to stop at nothing to get the flick’s headline-making, crotch-flashing, ice pick-wielding villainess on that year’s red carpet.

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The Five Most Ridiculous Golden Globe Nominations

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is known (and by “known,” I mean notorious) for nominating films and performances for Golden Globes that aren’t necessarily deserving of recognition. We get it; they accredit A-listers in an effort to beef up the star power in attendance and, as a result, the all-important TV ratings. But that doesn’t mean the organization deserves to get off the hook for some of their more suspect selections. Here’s our list of the five most ridiculous Golden Globe nominations. – By Matt Whitfield