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Mindy McCready

After a troubled life, Mindy McCready committed suicide at her home in Arkansas on February 17. She was 37. The country singer, whose song “Guys Do It All the Time” topped the charts in 1996, became better known for her personal life than her music later in her career. She documented her substance abuse issues on “Celebrity Rehab,” made multiple suicide attempts, appeared in a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend, and was embroiled in a nasty custody battle with the father of her elder son, Zander, 6. As things started to look up for McCready – she and her self-professed “soul mate” record producer David Wilson welcomed son Zayne in 2012 – a double tragedy followed. After Wilson ended his life at their home in January, exactly one month later McCready followed suit, killing herself as well as one of the couple’s dogs.

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