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"Saturday Night Live" -- Justin Timberlake

JT is the newest member of the club, having hosted for the fifth time on March 9. He was welcomed by fellow clubbers Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin (who also reprised their "Wild and Crazy Guys" later in the episode), as well as Alec Baldwin, Martin Short, Tom Hanks, Candice Bergen, and Chevy Chase.

'Saturday Night Live' Five-Timers Club: Who's Hosted Five (or More) Shows?

When Ben Affleck hits the stage on "Saturday Night Live" this week, it will mark the fifth time the actor/director has hosted the show. And it will gain him entry into an exclusive club of "SNL" five-timers. The club was first mentioned by Tom Hanks during his fifth hosting gig in 1990 and was the subject of a sketch with other five-timers; the sketch was revived when Justin Timberlake hosted for the fifth time earlier this season. Who else is part of the club?

— Kelly Woo, Yahoo! TV