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Roof collapse at Cambodia shoe factory

At least two people were killed when part of a shoe factory collapsed in Cambodia. A concrete roof fell down at the plant in Kampong Speu province, west of the capital Pnomh Penh. Reports suggest around 100 people could have been working in the factory at the time. It is not clear how many people have been killed – but the Cambodian government has confirmed two deaths. Cambodian Social Affairs Minister Ith Samheng said: “We pay our deep condolences to those who died. The government will organise an investigation into this incident and take measures to prevent something like this from happening again.” Samheng said no-one remained trapped in the building. Workplace safety in the global garment industry has been in the spotlight in recent weeks – after a clothing factory collapsed in Bangladesh in April, killing more than 1,100 people.

Roof collapse at Cambodian shoe plant kills three

May 16, 2013

Three people were killed when the roof collapsed at a shoe factory in Cambodia, adding to the growing concern about the safety of those producing cheap clothing for Western consumers at Asian factories.

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