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You suddenly realize that your best friend was always The One and desperately try to woo him: In "My Best Friend's Wedding" when Julianne (played by Julia Roberts)'s best friend of ten years Michael (Dermot Mulroney) gets engaged, she suddenly realizes he is her soul mate and makes a frantic play for him. Chalk it up to the old adage that says men and women can't be friends. A recent study conducted by University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire found that opposite sex friendships tend to suffer because one party is more likely to pine for the other and people in relationships who are attracted to their friends are more unsatisfied with their significant others.

Romantic comedy cliches that actually happen

Running through airport security to catch a lover? It'll never happen. Gossiping about relationships in a yoga class? Good luck with that. Romantic comedies get away with some pretty unlikely scenarios, but not all of them are so unrealistic. In honor of Valentine's Day, we dug up 8 rom-com cliches that actually ring true in real life. - By Elise Sole, Shine Staff