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Rihanna isn't afraid to let the world know that she enjoys her marijuana. Over the last year she’s posted plenty of Instagram pics of herself smoking and rolling blunts and even a photo of her very own marijuana plant, which she got for Valentine's Day. As part of her ode to 4/20, she shared multiple weed-themed pics with her followers over the weekend, including this shot of herself smoking something (we can’t confirm what) while seated next to a cake made to look like a pot leaf. "#420 it's a celebration bitches!! Thank you to all my ft. Lauderdale and Miami fam that came through #DWT #backstageLife," she wrote alongside the photo, which showed her backstage at the BB&T Center, the Sunrise, Florida, venue where she performed Saturday night.

Rihanna's Busy '420' Weekend

Marijuana fan Rihanna marks 4/20 with a weekend of fun in Miami, including pot-themed cakes, a trip to a strip club, and a bikini-clad Sunday.