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She didn't look it for quite some time, but the Duchess of Cambridge is definitely expecting ... just look at the thousands of headlines the soon-to-be royal heir has generated. Middleton's pregnancy had a bumpy start, however, when the 31-year-old found herself hospitalized in December, suffering from an acute form of morning sickness. Will and Kate’s baby is due in July ... and if it’s a girl she’ll be allowed to be queen someday. Queen Elizabeth recently approved a historic ammendment that will allow a first-born daughter to eventually take the throne. Previously, the rule was that males got to get in line ahead of females, no matter the birth order. (5/22/2013)

Why Jamie-Lynn Sigler Doesn't Mind Being Photographed in Bikini

May 30, 2013

The famous ladies are nearing their due date, but aren't letting pregnancy slow them down. Check out pics of Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jessica Simpson, Kate Middleton, and Kim Kardashian out and about recently.