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She didn't look it for quite some time, but the Duchess of Cambridge is definitely expecting ... just look at the thousands of headlines the soon-to-be royal heir has generated. Middleton's pregnancy had a bumpy start, however, when the 31-year-old found herself hospitalized in December, suffering from an acute form of morning sickness. Will and Kate’s baby is due in July ... and if it’s a girl she’ll be allowed to be queen someday. Queen Elizabeth recently approved a historic ammendment that will allow a first-born daughter to eventually take the throne. Previously, the rule was that males got to get in line ahead of females, no matter the birth order. (5/22/2013)

Why Jamie-Lynn Sigler Doesn't Mind Being Photographed in Bikini

The famous ladies are nearing their due date, but aren't letting pregnancy slow them down. Check out pics of Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jessica Simpson, Kate Middleton, and Kim Kardashian out and about recently.