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Photo by: D'Lynn Waldron/Splash News
Artist and photographer D'Lynn Waldron created the image of what Prince George might look like by using his parents' features as a guide. "My portraits do not predict the future, but only show what it might be in certain circumstances," she explains on her website.

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Prince George and Being a Royal Teen

August 1, 2013

As a teenager, Prince George Alexander Louis will have a mop of brown hair, his dad's mouth and his mom's eyes and nose--at least according to a computer image by portrait artist D'Lynn Waldron, who has envisioned how the week-old royal baby might look in about 15 years. Waldron created the prince's rosy-cheeked visage through her process of "age-progressed" portraiture, which is, according to her website, "forensically based on all available source materials, including genetics, lifestyle, medical history, personality, environment, and how gravity will effect [sic] that person's face." She's given the treatment to others including Paris Hilton, Hillary Clinton and Princess Diana, but we must admit that looking at the prince's boy-band-cute pic got us in the mood for some royal-teen nostalgia.--Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff