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Mariah Carey

Perhaps Hilary Duff was inspired by Mariah Carey? The songstress showed off her painted bump twice while pregnant with twins Roc and Roe, who were born in April 2011. The first time was Easter of that year, when a pal painted vibrant-colored eggs on it. She used the same paint a month before to create a huge butterfly design with the words “dem babies."

Pregnant Celebs Bare Their Bumps

Yahoo Celebrity

Remember when it was a really big deal that Demi Moore showed off her baby bump on the cover of Vanity Fair? Well, we've come a looong way since 1991, folks. Today, celebrity moms-to-be sharing bare belly shots is the new normal. And they don't need a fancy photo shoot to do it — just a camera phone and a Twitter app. Check out these pregnancy selfies shared by the stars...