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Robert Duvall

Team Romney: Not all Hollywood heavyweights are pro-Obama! Robert Duvall, who won an Oscar for 1983's "Tender Mercies" and has been nominated five more times, is such a fan or Republican nominee Romney that in September he hosted a fundraiser for his campaign, featuring an appearance by Ann Romney, at his farm in Virgina. The thespian reportedly brought in more than $800,000 at the fete, according to Politico. Contributors coughed up $2,500 to attend a reception, $25,000 for dinner, and $10,000 for a photo reception. (1/8/2011)

Team Obama vs. Team Romney

Celebs such as Scarlett Johansson, Kid Rock, and Nicki Minaj have voiced their support for either President Obama or Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election. Here's how some of their votes stack up! -- By Raechal Leone Shewfelt, omg! staff