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Nelson Mandela's 95th Birthday exclusives for Yahoo!

Birthday messages left outside of Nelson Mandela's home in Johannesburg. Crowds gather outside former South African President' Nelson Mandela's Houghton house to celebrate his 95th birthday on July 18, 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa. he South African presidency has said that Mandela's health is 'steadily improving', as the anti-apartheid icon spends his 95th birthday in hospital. Photo: Charlie Shoemaker/Getty Images for Yahoo! News

Nelson Mandela's 95th Birthday exclusives for Yahoo!

July 18, 2013

South Africans celebrating Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday gather to perform 67 good deeds, from school repairs to donations for the needy, to mark the African leader's 67 years of service. More from Charlie Shoemaker of Getty Images, on assignment from Yahoo! News.

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