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The silent treatment of Katie Holmes and Kelly Preston

The silent treatment of Katie Holmes and Kelly Preston
Silent birth is a concept practiced by Scientologists, such as Kelly Preston and John Travolta. Preston told Hello! magazine that it's just what it sounds like — no spoken words, no shouting to push, no laughing, although crying out from sheer agony is fine. "It's just bringing them in, in as peaceful and gentle a way as possible." Rumors swirled that Katie Holmes would have to undergo the silent treatment, but Tom Cruise explained to ABC that the mother "makes as much noise" as she wants and gets whatever epidural she needs; it's just that everyone else has to hush. In hindsight, Holmes may have taken tips from that experience in her stealth separation from Cruise six later.

Memorable Celebrity Birth Moments

June 19, 2013

Celebrities are often game to experiment. However, when it comes to giving birth these moms-to-be often want their experience to be as natural and harmonious as possible — sometimes to the point of seeming unnatural. But besides learning to breathe right and anguishing over whether to go the epidural-or-no-epidural route, they also have to plot how to avoid the almighty intrusive paparazzi lens. Here are just a few memorable — and sometimes controversial — birth moments of celebrity moms. -- By Vera H-C Chan