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While arriving at Narita International Airport in Japan in May 2012, Lady Gaga channeled "My Little Pony" with a rainbow-colored hairdo, a leather skirt with sparkly jacket, and club kid heels. Let's dance!

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Kim Kardashian & Other Celeb's Wacky Airport Style

March 5, 2013

On Sunday, Kim Kardashian landed at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris after a nine-hour flight from Los Angeles looking ready for her close-up in a spotless white pantsuit with wide-legged pants, poffy shoulders, and a Willy Wonka inspired coattail. With paparazzi camped out at every major airport, it's no surprise that the new runway is the airport terminal. Behold, the wackiest outfits celebs have worn to fly the friendly skies-turbulence be dammed.