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Perry Outfits 8

Perry has famously sported blue hair several times over her career, so it would be expected that she'd bust out that shade at the premiere of 2011 The Smurfs. However, she decided instead to be artistically true to her character of Smurfette (who, of course, has blond hair). Lest anyone be confused, Perry did her ol' "slap-it-across-my-body" trick and wore the cartoon's image proudly. There aren't too many people out there who can say they've wrapped both the President of the United States and Smurfette around their waists, but hey, that's why we love Katy Perry, right?

Katy Perry's Top 8 CopyKat Looks

Katy Perry went for a shagadelic look this week, when she channeled Austin Powers. But this wasn't the first time Katy had followed her fashion vision without any seeming regard for comfort. Let's take a look at some of her nuttier outfits and speculate on the strange inspirations behind them. --Wendy Geller